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"I find being able to share the resources with the students after we have used them in class very helpful – the ease of access means that they have no reason to say that they cannot get into the website. The variety of the activities stops the software getting ‘samey’ for the students and the images, animations and videos are very clear. The glossary function is really helpful for those students trying to complete tasks but who need slightly more support or for those who want to be absolutely sure of their keywords. I know that our Chemists find that the diagrams save them time and ensure that the students have the correct information to learn from. I use yTeach and yLearn regularly both in and out of the classroom for all my A Level Biology classes and find that without it I would be ‘reinventing’ the wheel making diagrams and multiple choice activities."
Dr Scott-Smith, KS5 Biology Co-ordinator
St Paul’s Catholic College, Burgess Hill, UK

"As well designed for student use as YDP’s eLearning solutions (yTeach) are, the value for teachers must not be overlooked. Foremost, the range of resources available is vast. With hundreds of full class lessons and thousands of individual activities, covering subjects as basic as rounding numbers and the skeletal system, to advanced topics such as derivatives of exponential functions and relativity theory, there is a resource available for almost any math or science subject. If, in the chance that a particular lesson can’t be found which matches closely enough a teacher’s requirements, the site allows teachers to mix-and-match different activities and content from within multiple lessons to a teacher’s suiting. The end result, then, is a high customizable system which is easy to use and easy to monitor."

Wyatt Wilcox, Science Instructor 
Cairo American College, Cairo, Egypt

"yTeach is a modern source of ready made ICT activities for Science and Mathematics. It uses excellent graphics and multimedia tools, navigation is clear and assignments are based on a consistent layout for the learner. My students have found the work engaging. The tasks are accessible and consolidate learning in an interesting way. Activities can be downloaded to a VLE or used online via and Additionally, there is great flexibility in purchasing these quality resources either individually - to focus on areas that need support (due to misconceptions, lack of resources or difficulty of teaching) – or whole packages for a particular Key Stage. In my opinion yTeach should be reviewed by all practicing teachers who want to inject ICT into their lessons."

Tony Stevens, Science Teacher
Trinity School, Newbury, UK


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