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3-D shapes (whiteboard individual short)

Subject: Mathematics
Level: Key Stage 4
Resource type: Playlist
explore the geometry of cuboids (including cubes) and shapes made from cuboids; solve problems involving surface areas and volumes of prisms, pyramids, cylinders and spheres
Publish date 20/02/2008
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  Type Name
1. Animation Volume [Animation]   Volume
Teacher runs animation.
2. Simulation Volume of an object [Simulation]   Volume of an object
Teacher shows the problem and asks three students to come to the whiteboard and solve the activity.
3. Animation Volumes of the boxes [Animation]   Volumes of the boxes
Teacher runs animation.
4. Description Description [Description]   Volume of a rectangular box Teacher divides students into three groups and gives the printed sheets to the students. They should solve the activity and give back the sheets in 3 minutes.
5. File File [File]   3-D shapes – exercise for group 1
6. File File [File]   3-D shapes – exercise for group 2
7. File File [File]   3-D shapes – exercise for group 3

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