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Enthalpy change and calorimetry (Higher) Whiteboard Short

Subject: Chemistry
Level: A level
Resource type: Playlist
State what energy is and classify the various forms of energy. The terms: ‘system’ and ‘surroundings’. The energetic effects that accompany chemical and physical changes. The difference between exothermic and endothermic reactions. The concept of enthalpy change. The concept of calorimetry. Determine enthalpy changes from calorimetric data.
Publish date 19/03/2008
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1. Slideshow The uses of energy [Slideshow]   The uses of energy
Revise – world energy demand grows at 1.7% a year, making energy production one of the most important branches of global industry. Energy is the ability to do work.

Run slideshow to revise the uses of energy.
2. Slideshow Effects of energy [Slideshow]   Effects of energy
Run slideshow to revise what the most characteristic features of energy are, and what its effects are.
3. Animation Forms of energy [Animation]   Forms of energy
Run animation describing how one form of energy is transformed into another.
4. Animation The system and the surroundings [Animation]   The system and the surroundings
Run animation explaining the terms: 'system' and 'surroundings'.
5. Animation Exothermic reactions [Animation]   Exothermic reactions
Run film to revise exothermic reactions.
6. Animation Endothermic reaction [Animation]   Endothermic reaction
Run film to revise endothermic reactions.
7. Whiteboard exercise Energy transfer during chemical reactions [Whiteboard exercise]   Energy transfer during chemical reactions
Have student(s) come to the whiteboard and match a term with its definition.
8. Animation Enthalpy changes [Animation]   Enthalpy changes
Run animation to revise how the enthalpy of reaction is shown in a thermochemical equation.
9. Animation Calorimetry [Animation]   Calorimetry
Run film to revise the experimental determination of the enthalpy of neutralisation.

Have student(s) come to the whiteboard and complete the sentences.
10. Animation Calorimetric studies on combustion reactions [Animation]   Calorimetric studies on combustion reactions
Run animation to revise the construction and use of a bomb calorimeter.

Have student(s) come to the whiteboard and choose the correct names for the individual parts of the bomb calorimeter.

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